Clutch is the untold story of how rituals can elevate your performance and happiness. 

Clutch explains what makes a ritual a ritual. How they are more than routines, more than habits, and why personal rituals have such power. Clutch will help you conquer your personal Everest.


"My favorite personal rituals involve black coffee and blue sailboats."

- Dr. Mark Powell

Mark is a ritual advocate. His fascination with the power of personal rituals began with one throwaway line by a sociology professor: Oh and, by the way, research shows the higher the level of rituals in a person't life, the stronger the person. Those words prompted decades of research, discoveries, speaking and Clutch.

What people are saying:

"Ten minutes into Clutch, I was thinking, 'I've got to try this.'" 

- Nora M. Denzel, Fortune 500 Board Member

“Clutch takes the secret of superstar athletes, authors, actors and hands it to you.”

- Vonda Wright, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Team Doctor & Author

"Clutch is a powerful book for increasing happiness, confidence and focus. Everyone should read it. Can't wait to share it with my family and friends."

- Robert L. Sloan, President and CEO of the Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation

"A quick, smart read full of humor, fascinating research and fun stories that will help you rise to real life challenges."

- Tom Barrett, Ph.D., The Communication Guys Podcast

"By the second chapter I was hooked. I was eager to put what I was reading into practice."

- William V. Cross, Rear Admiral USN (Ret), Commander Carrier Group Six, USS America

"Quite the page turner! I kept wanting more and more."

- Bud Moeller, Semi-Professional Formula One Racer

"A fun read that will help anyone improve big game performance."

- Matt White, CEO at WHITE64 Advertising

"Clutch takes what I've read about the power of habits to the next level."

- Douglas Traxler, Chief Revenue Office, Webb/Mason

"Clutch is more than a book about Clutch performances of famous actors, authors and athletes. It's about you and the secret to your next clutch performance."

- Dan Taylor, Owner, BamBams

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A positive routine plus ceremony, repeated to elevate skill, focus, energy, confidence and happiness.

Personal Power Ritual