Vid Diva Press Kit


Vid Diva is an app for people who want to track the shows and movies they want to watch, are watching, or have watched – all in a single app. Tell Vid Diva what show you’re into and it can even send a notification when a new episode is ready to be watched.

What is Vid Diva?

Vid Diva is an app for keeping track of everything people want to watch whether that’s an upcoming blockbuster movie or that must-watch TV show that’s all the rage right now.

With Vid Diva, people can track everything they want to watch as well as what they’ve already seen, giving them an overview of how far through a show’s season they are and how long they have to wait for that season finale. Vid Diva will even notify people when a new show is ready to be watched or that big new movie is on the big screen.

Users will enjoy:

  • An in-app to-do list of TV shows and movies that you plan to watch in the future.
  • TV show progress tracking that shows you how far through the current season you are.
  • Advanced search capabilities that will find the TV show you’re looking for no matter the TV channel or streaming service it’s on.
  • A show calendar that gives you an easy-to-use view of what’s coming up. New episodes of the shows you follow will automatically be added to your watch list.
  • Notifications that will ensure you know when a new movie is in cinemas or a new episode of your favorite show is out.
  • A Home screen widget to highlight all of the new TV shows and movies coming out this week.
  • Stats chart to help you keep an eye on your viewing habits and history.

Who is Vid Diva for?

Vid Diva is for anyone who has too much content to watch and not enough time to watch it! Keeping track of the shows we want to watch is hard enough, but keeping tabs on the ones we’re half way through can be impossible. Vid Diva makes it all so easy!

Vid Diva has a place on everyone’s Home and can be helpful to:

  • People who see a great trailer for a movie and then instantly forget about it and miss its time in the cinema.
  • Anyone who watches a ton of TV shows and loses track of where they are in each season.
  • TV show fans who want to know as soon as a new episode is available to watch.
  • Anyone and everyone who watches movies and TV shows!

Vid Diva does not allow people to stream content, however – it’s solely to help people keep track of what they watch.

Pricing and Privacy

Vid Diva is free to use for up to 5 shows and movies. Vid Diva Premium allows for an unlimited number of shows and movies to be followed simultaneously and is available as either:

  • a one-time in-app purchase or
  • an annual subscription


Privacy Policy:

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