Dr. Mark Powell


You build the ritual, then the ritual builds you.


About Clutch

Standing upon numerous academic studies and real-world stories, Clutch introduces something bigger than a habit, the personal power ritual and the algorithm behind it. Don't let the word ritual throw you. High achievers — spanning the arts, athletics and business — have discovered how personal rituals enhance their focus, confidence, willpower and brainpower with a wonderful and unexpected side benefit thrown in. Happiness.

Whether your personal Everest relates to work, family, school, fitness or something else, Clutch will help you rise to the challenge. 

Top 10 Things You Will Learn From Clutch 

1. How a morning ritual can help you win your morning so you can win your day.

2. How to replace bad habits with good rituals — including eating habits.

3. How to avoid high-stakes errors.

4. How to expand your daily allotment of willpower and brainpower.

5. How to discover and benefit from your daily 100 minutes of genius.

6. How to opt out of the misery of small decisions.

7. How to put your actions on autopilot.

8. How to speed recovery from loss or failure.

9. How to use personal rituals to decrease stress, fear, anxiety, and increase happiness.

10. How to use the personal power ritual algorithm — (R + C)n = Clutch — to build a ritual today and start benefitting from it tomorrow.


What people are saying:

"A quick and entertaining read. Powell integrates descriptions of cutting-edge behavioral science research on rituals with anecdotes from his own and others’ experiences. What emerges is practical advice on harnessing the power of rituals in everyday life." 

- Juliana Schroeder, PhD, Asst. Professor, University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business

"Clutch reimagines rituals, a simple and powerful way to help you avoid disaster, overcome fears, and achieve dreams." 

-Kathleen Vohs, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business

"Personal rituals have surprising power to help people bounce back from failure and loss. Clutch gives you access to that power." 

-Francesca Gino, PhD, Professor, The Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative, Harvard Business School

"Walking the high wire requires amazing focus. Clutch shows you a way to increase focus for your big challenges." 

- Nik Wallenda, King of the High Wire

"Ten minutes into Clutch, I was thinking, 'I've got to try this.'" 

- Nora M. Denzel, Fortune 500 Board Member

Clutch takes the secret of superstar athletes, authors, actors and hands it to you.”

- Vonda Wright, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Team Doctor & Author

"Clutch is a powerful book for increasing happiness, confidence and focus. Everyone should read it. Can't wait to share it with my family and friends."

- Robert L. Sloan, President and CEO of the Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation

"Clutch has become a big part of our twelve step group. It has taught us how to build new positive daily rituals."

Michael W., Annapolis, Maryland

"A quick, smart read full of humor, fascinating research and fun stories that will help you rise to real life challenges."

Tom Barrett, Ph.D., The Communication Guys Podcast

"Quite the page turner! I kept wanting more and more."

- Bud Moeller, Semi-Professional Race Car Driver