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Countries and Nationalities

Here’s another great puzzle to code a solution for. This week’s puzzle from NPR: This week’s challenge is a spinoff of my on-air puzzle. Name two countries that have consonyms that are nationalities of other countries. In each case, the consonants in the name of the country are the same consonants in the same order as those in the nationality of another country. No extra consonants can appear in either name....

March 12, 2023

Movie Shmovie

Will Shortz himself has often said that however you want to solve the puzzle is fair game. I couldn’t come up with the solution in a short span today running it only in my head, and I have lots of other things to worry over in my spare cycles this week. That said, I figure why not have fun coding in Swift and solving the puzzle of the week at the same time?...

January 9, 2022